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The Week in Photos: 1/20 - 1/26

I tried my hardest to have a quiet weekend at home. Get a lot of reading in, write some articles I've been meaning to pitch, avoid encountering the Winter Lonelies.

As usual, that didn't happen. My friends like me too much. I like them too much. Can I really complain about being kidnapped for hours in the name of love? I don't think I can.

Posted on January 26, 2014 and filed under Photography.

The Week in Photos: 1/13 - 1/19

This week was all about discovering how good life is. Each consecutive day continues to be the best day of my life. Despite anything sad that happens, I can't help but think there is more good to come. So far, I have yet to be disappointed. Being happy every day isn't a challenge, it's a gut feeling.

Posted on January 20, 2014 and filed under Photography.

The Week in Photos: 1/6-1/12

This week was interrupted by a cold snap and being disconnected from the Internet at home. That didn't really stop me from having more than the usual number of adventures.

So much for a quiet weekend at home with a book and some movies!

Unrelated, but I had a conversation with my friend who is my Single Person Spirit Guide this week. I was asking him, "How do I tell if any interaction on social media is flirting? Does a like mean he LIKE likes me?"

To which he responded, "Man, it's so confusing these days. I wish there was a secret way you could let people know that you like them. Like a code. What if we decide it is that you have to go to their Instagram feed, and scroll all the way back to their very first post, and like it? That's the code."

I think that's the code. 

Posted on January 12, 2014 and filed under Photography.

The Week in Photos: 12/30-1/5

I've been on the longest staycation I have taken in my adult life. Which has been a struggle, as I don't believe in having much downtime--I'd rather be where the people are, always doing something.

Posted on January 5, 2014 and filed under Photography.