Cat's Out of the Bag

Originally posted on the Third Wave Collective blog on July 15, 2016.

Oh Facebook, you blabbermouth, you.

Considering how unpredictable the new Instagram updates have been, I expected something like this. But I really thought that not connecting the @thirdwaveco Instagram profile to the Facebook platform would avoid the unavoidable, "Your Facebook friend Jinah Kim is now on Instagram as @thirdwaveco," notifications. Here's what happened: Instagram/Facebook wanted to share the latest gossip with you anyway, despite my protests, so here we are.

And here it is, publicly announced before I wanted it to be. This is my pet project, and where many of my hopes and dreams have come to fruition. Why the waiting period? Well, the kinks and weird issues with launching any site are still being addressed. We're still in the testing phase.

Before anybody begins to wonder, Why a shop? Isn't that kind of random?

To be honest, no, not really.

If we're keeping track, this would actually be online venture number eight for me. Over the past twelve years, I've peddled everything from vintage dresses, handknit scarves, jewelry with an attitude, and computer science textbooks online. We're talking eBay-ing everything in sight, three different Etsy shops with varying degrees of success, and a surprisingly rewarding foray into the world of Poshmark.

I've realized I love selling the right things to people who will love them, and the process from perfecting product photos and descriptions to packing it all up perfectly really gives me a buzz. Hey, here's something that's exactly what you wanted, headed right to your doorstep. Hey, get ready to open up a present from you to you.

So inspired by the meteoric rise of folks I've followed since the eBay days, and the emergence of exceedingly approachable creative directors for brands I love, I realized I can do what really lights me on fire for a job. The official launch is August 1st, and I'm strapping in now for the most exciting side hustle I've had to date. 

Posted on August 27, 2016 and filed under Culture.