Here you'll find some highlights from my adventures in copywriting and content creation.

Blog Posts & Articles

I've been blogging for, well, forever, and here are a few different pieces I've written for different channels. The publications range from company-owned blogs, to retail brand blogs, a personal fashion/lifestyle blog, and content that gives a little flavor to my personality.



Lifestyle/Influencer Coverage

Maker Stories & Product Descriptions

I've produced over 5,500 descriptions and 100 maker stories over my time spent at Scoutmob. In addition to being published on the e-commerce website, every product description is circulated to dozens of thousands of Pinterest users via paid and organic pins and shoppers on Amazon.com for Scoutmob products live on the online superstore. Here are some of my favorites:

Social Media Content

I co-manage the content strategy and produce all of the text that is shared on the Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google + channels for Scoutmob. This is actually, literally, a small feat, as these captions are mostly 90–140 character snippets versus the 3–7 sentence, 100-word passages maker stories and product descriptions require.

Instagram Captions for @scoutmob:

Tweets for @scoutmob:


Influencing Others

Many of my favorite brands know how much I love them. Some of them have even reshared or rewarded me for content I've independently created, most notably on Instagram. I'm especially proud of these moments, as I crafted both the words and the pictures.

Hand Model Extraordinaire

I find myself pulling extra shifts as the resident Scoutmob hand model. I suppose my nails and ring stacks are very aspirational.

Tinder Whisperer & Modern Cyrano de Bergerac

Sometimes, for fun, I'll flex my writing muscles to revamp friends' dating profiles. Here are two recent examples. One was a hit, and the other is still out there, attracting fish.