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Reason #3

Disclaimer: he was hot. I was bored. I may have also been drunk OkCupiding.


Dude:  Hello there

Dude:  You like kissing huh?

Me:  Oh, hi! Duh, who doesn't like kissing? Oh I know, assholes.

Dude:  Hahaha hello cutie. Yes. One day lets kiss then cutie

Me:  What, no foreplay? Is cuddling negotiable?

Dude:  Oh don't worry lots of foreplay and cuddling

Me:  How many pillows? How many blankets? Socks or no socks? It is goddamn cold.

Dude:  Lots of both plus lots of nakedness

Me:  Oh my! I like your messages, keep them coming (NOTE: this is where I am mistaken)

Dude:  I like your face and wanna see you naked. Hump you hard.

Dude:  5555555555. Text me a sexy pic girl

Me:  [texts a photo of cats, in space, with pizza]


Posted on January 25, 2014 and filed under Dating.